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About us

Thai Tribune is a free public news service agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. Its mission is to keep the general public on both national and international levels well informed about Thailand.

As a charitable organisation, Thai Tribune is non­profit and truly independent. It serves to provide well analysed, unmediated, unbiased and accurate information so that the public can use their own discretion and judgement without being influenced by any agenda.

Our commitment

In today's commercially controlled environment of news media, it is a challenge to find information free from biases and agenda. The truth is bent under financial and political pressure. This is especially true in Thailand where the influences of the state and the corporate world shape what the public needs to know. The media thus often fail in their role as the fourth estate.

Thai Tribune International News Agency is created with a mission to provide information that is free and independent from the influences of politics or money. We solemnly pledge that we will do our duty, and to the best of our ability, in bringing out the truth.

Mission Statements

1. Disseminate news and information with morality and professional ethics so that the general public is well informed about the nation and social problems through various sources, namely Thai Tribune Newspaper, Thai Tribune Online and Thai Tribune Facebook Page.

2. Serve as a public domain of reference for the general public by archiving and linking various sources of detailed information.

3. Filter and analyse information so that the general public is well advised of the news' sources, trends and future directions.

4. Support and encourage those who are interested in honourable journalistic practice by providing an outlet for them to freely perform their tasks in serving Thailand and the Thai society.

Foundation's Chairman

Pol. Gen. Vasit Dejkunjorn

Foundation's Board members

Mr. Kaewsan Atipho

Mr. Niphon Intaraaksorn

Mr. Klanarong Juntueg

Mr. Samlerng Khampaoo

Mr. Sompol Kiatpaibool

Mr. Sak Kohsaengreung

Mr. Anek Nakabut (PhD)

Prof. Pramote Nakorntap (PhD)

Gen. Sripho Pawarath

Mr. Paradetch Payakvichien

Mr. Chayan Polpok

Mr. Navarath Pongpaibool

Mr. Paisan Promnoi

POL.COL. Chaitat Rathanapan

Mr. Somchai Sawaengkarn

Mr. Somchai Sianglai

Pol. Gen. Kraisuk Sinsuk (PhD)

Mr. Sima Simanant

Mr. Songkram Somboon

Prof. Sitthichok Srichareon

Mr. Manij Suksomchit

Mr. Suthep Suppatharanon

Mr. Udorn Tantisuntorn

Mrs. Banyat Thasaneeyavetch

Asst. Prof. Tortrakul Yomnak (PhD)

Dr. Trirath Sithitool

Miss. Yenjit Satiramongkolsuk

Mr. Suthep Puthivorakit

Foundation's Secretary

Pongsak Payakvichien